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Monday, 13 June 2016

Calculation of Import Tax and Import Duty Goods From Abroad to Indonesia

I hope this article about the Calculation of Import Duty and Import Duty Goods of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia to be able to give you an idea the amount that must be paid when importing goods from outside Indonesia or Overseas. So before buying goods at online stores such as ebay, aliexpress, amazon, yeasia, and other online stores in addition to the price of the goods, pay attention to the cost of postage (shipping), and do not forget the prevailing currency exchange rate. And of course it is also a cost of the tax to be imposed on the purchase of imported goods.

The basic formula calculation of import tax and duty are as follows:

Prices of Goods = Cost (C)
Insurance = Insurance (I)
The shipping fee / postage = Freight (F)

Duty = (CIF - USD 50) x tariffs

These tariffs vary depending on the type of goods, can be 0% 5% 10% and Etc. Can be viewed at BTBMI / BTKI

If the CIF component of not more than USD 50 then not in wearing the import tax.

VAT = (CIF - USD 50 + duty) x 10%
Income Tax = ((CIF - USD 50) + import duties) * 7.5%
Import Taxes = Duty + VAT + Income Tax

The above formula is the method of calculation through items Post Offices

You buy a music book on at a price of $ 70 USD goods, without insurance and shipping costs $ 30 USD so the CIF value is (70 + 0 + 30) = $ 100 USD

Duty = (100-50) x 0% = $ 0 USD
VAT = (100-50 + 0) x 10% = $ 5 USD
Income Tax = (100- 50 + 0) x 7.5% = $ 3.75 USD
Import Taxes = 0 + 5 + 3.75 = $ 8.75 USD
Assuming $ 1 USD = Rp 10,000 then the import tax is 8.75 x 10,000 = Rp 87.500, -

To more clearly, as below its components. Sources from here :
Calculation of Import Tax and Import Duty Goods From Abroad to Indonesia

Hopefully the information regarding the calculation of tax and duty imports of goods to Indonesia Foreign helpful for you.

If you are still confused or want to know his estimation, I recently discovered on the link for direct import cost calculation of customs sites, please visit

I hope the calculation of import tax and import duty goods from abroad to Indonesia this can help you give a picture of the amount of fees to be prepared when purchasing goods from abroad.

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