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Thursday, 23 June 2016

What is Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Word is one of the latest version of application software programs that is included in Microsoft Office 2007. Microsoft Word or word used to manage documents (Word Processor) for example word processing of which is as follows;

1. Create Mail
2. make a Thesis/theses/deserts
3. Make proposals
4. Make a letter of offer
5. make monthly reports
6. Create tasks and others

In addition to being used to process words or document as above, you can also use additional facilities that exist in Microsoft Word which are:

- ClipArt is the facility to use the default images from the Microsoft Word program.
- WordArt is facilities for using models of letters or forms of artistic fonts
- Drawing is a facility for creating charts, floor plans, "flowchart" and others
- Math Equation is the mathematical formula for writing
- The chart is to make a graph

The use of Microsoft Word is very easy and flexible, therefore this program is often used for both every day and most widely used by the Secretary, student, students, journalists and other users.
Illustration Pictures : Microsoft Office Word
Software-the Software of its kind with Microsoft Word whom WordStar (WS), Word Perfect (WP), Chi Writer (CW), Ami Pro, Multi Plan and so on.

Products of Microsoft Office 2007

File Name
Microsoft Word 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007
Outlook 2007
Microsoft Power Point 2007
Microsoft Power Point Viewer 2007
Microsoft  Power Access 2007
Microsoft  Power FrontPage 2007
Microsoft  InfoPath 2007
Microsoft OneNote 2007
Microsoft Publisher 2007

System requirements for Microsoft Office 2007

At least Pentium III, Pentium 4 recommended
Operating System
Minimum Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
At least 256 Mb. 512 Mb Recommended.
Disk Space
Empty spaces are available with a minimum of supporting up to 2 Gb.

That's the description of the Microsoft Office Word can you learn independently on the web "Share Education". Thanks

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