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Monday, 19 June 2017

A Complete Tutorial on How to Install Microsoft Office 2016

A complete tutorial on how to Install Microsoft Office 2016 - Got a Windows PC or laptop computer is indeed always need software support. One of the frequently used software is Microsoft Office. Yes, the need for Microsoft Office is currently higher.

Even though you have installed the latest Windows 10, you are still not able to use Microsoft Office. You must install Microsoft Office first so that you can use a variety of software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The latest version of Microsoft Office is Office 2016 already you can download and install on your computer Windows PC or laptop. Thus, you can directly use the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others.

Mere information, Microsoft Office 2016 has already released some time ago and have started to dominate the use of Microsoft Office worldwide. So there is no harm if you download and install the Microsoft Office 2016 to PCs and laptops.

For you who want to know how to install Microsoft Office on Windows, you can follow easy tutorial how to install Office following 2016.

1. Download the ISO file of Microsoft Office 2016 in Microsoft website. You can directly download it at the following sites.

2. Once you have successfully downloaded the ISO, just double click to open the ISO file.
3. Open the Office Setup that is in ISO Microsoft Office 2016.
4. Do the install Microsoft Office that appears on the display screen of your PC or laptop.
5. Wait until the install process is complete.
Microsoft Office 2010
6. The completed window will appear when the process Microsoft Office install 2016 is finished.
Process Microsoft Office install 2016
7. You can directly open the Start and search for Office software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint already installed

The install process the 2016 Office vary significantly depending on the specification of your computer, the remaining memory storage that is still empty, and so on. After the install process is complete, the Office you can directly open Office software such as Microsoft Word 2016.

After install you might also have to perform activation in order to Microsoft Office can be used continuously. If you already have a product key Office 2016, you can activate Office 2016.

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