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Monday, 19 June 2017

Tutorial How to Activation Microsoft Office Permanent 2016

Tutorial how to Activation Microsoft Office Permanent 2016 - One of the most Windows software is often used by the user's PC or Laptop is Microsoft Office. The latest version of Microsoft Office to Microsoft Office is 2016. This version was the most popular among Windows users 10.

It is possible that when you download Microsoft Office 2016, you've not been able to use it because the free trial period is up. To use Microsoft Office 2016 back, you must activate Microsoft Office license to activate Office 2016.

Activate Microsoft Office 2016 is actually very easy. Before you activate Microsoft Office, of course, you have to have a product key Office in advance. This Office product key can you buy from a retail store or buy online direct from the Microsoft Store

If you have purchased Microsoft Office 2016 and already have a product key for Microsoft Office 2016, now you're ready to activate Microsoft Office 2016 and are ready to use Microsoft Office in full.

1. Download Microsoft Office 2016. You can try a free trial of Microsoft Office directly from the website of the Office. You can also trial Office 365 for all later Microsoft Office ISO 2016.

2. Install Microsoft Office 2016 to Windows PC or laptop. Microsoft Office compatible Windows computers for 2016 7 to 10 of the latest Windows. Make sure your computer or laptop you have at least Windows 7.
Install Microsoft Office 2016 to Windows PC or Laptop
3. Open one of the Microsoft Office programs, such as Microsoft Word 2016. You will see a dialog box that asks you to enter the product key Microsoft Office 2016.
Product Key Microsoft Office 2016
4. Enter the product key Microsoft Office 2016. You can view the product key Microsoft Office packaging box 2016 in Microsoft Office or Office you account information if you buy online.
Enter the Product Key Microsoft Office 2016
5. If the product key Microsoft Office 2016, just click Install. Microsoft Office activation process of 2016 will be starting soon.
If the product key Microsoft Office 2016
6. When you find a dialog box below, click the Accept REMEMBER! Do not click the Close (X) because the later Microsoft Office 2016 will come out because you are not considered to agree to the license agreement Microsoft Office.

7. You have successfully activated Microsoft Office 2016.
Successfully Activate Microsoft Office 2016
If you enter your account to Office, then all of the documents you are working on and you save on OneDrive will appear on the left bar in each of the Microsoft Office programs.

Microsoft Office activation process 2016 is a permanent activation. You can uninstall Microsoft Office 2016 many times or even do a reinstall Windows then activate Microsoft Office 2016 with the same Office product key on the same PC or laptop.

However, you will not be able to upgrade for free to the latest versions of Microsoft Office. So suppose that Microsoft released Microsoft Office 2020, you can not do the upgrade for free.

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